September 3, 2008

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Snakes on The Plane !!!!! ??? !!!! ???? !!!!!

May 26, 2006

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Possible "Surprise" Endings to the New Samuel L. Jackson Film Snakes on a Plane.


The 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time

May 26, 2006

These products are so bad, they belong in the high-tech hall of shame.



Birth of Google

May 4, 2006


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Unbreakable Quantum Encryption

April 19, 2006

Code for Unbreakable Quantum Encryption

Wednesday, 19 April 2006 04:49 ESTRaw code for ‘unbreakable’ quantum encryption has been generated at record speed over optical fiber at NIST. The work is a step toward using conventional high-speed networks such as broadband Internet and local-area networks to transmit ultra-secure video for applications such as surveillance.

Code for Unbreakable Quantum Encryption – IT Observer



Digital Balck Holes

April 19, 2006

DoctorBit writes "NASA scientists have achieved a breakthrough in simulating the merging of two same-size non-spinning black holes based on a new translation of Einstein’s general relativity equations. The scientists accomplished the feat by using some brand-new tensor calculus translations on the Linux-running, 10,240 Itanium processor SGI Altix Columbia supercomputer. These are reportedly the largest astrophysical calculations ever performed on a NASA supercomputer. According to NASA’s Chief Scientist, "Now when we observe a black hole merger with LIGO or LISA, we can test Einstein’s theory and see whether or not he was right.""

Slashdot | NASA Achieves Breakthrough Black Hole Simulation



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Millionaires24 – email account for only $399.00 a months !!!

April 12, 2006

I had to check the date to be sure this didn’t launch on April 1, but it appears to be a legitimate if highly dumb idea that officially launched yesterday. Millionaires24 is a new email service that caters to the super rich, and costs $399 per month.


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